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Welcome to Lunaria wiki. Players can write and edit information here.

General tips for new players:
-You get 200 reward points and 1 online point every hour you are online (without logout)

-If you reach 30 online points you get a premium day

-You can trade reward points for supplies and experience scrolls at depots (reward shop NPC)

-Spells are bought with spellmaster near auction NPC (Aridia)

-There are artifact trinkets like arcane spellbook, war horn, spears and more that has active effect (like buff, damage, etc, you must have equiped on arrow slot and use it like a rune)

-Every 50 levels you get an experience book with Masena (at Veldin, north of depot) that book can be used on alt characters to boost exp rate

-You get +0.15x experience rate while !cast on

-Party experience share has 250% extra experience bonus

-Players can share experience with 1/2 level gap (level 100 can share with lvl 50, level 500 can share with level 250, and so on)

-If you invite a friend to the server use !mentor command to get premium benefits on milestone

-Guilds with more than 4 active players get a 7 days premium pack for every member

-Magicians can use dual wands (most of wands have passive spell)

-Scouts can use dual xbow and fist weapons

-use !status to see current exp rate, dodge, absorption and all evasive perks

-Dodge scales with fist and distance fighting, evade damage and gives small speed bonus for 2 seconds

-Absorption scales with max mana and magic level, take damage as %healing and %mana

-Parry scales with all melee skills except fist and shielding

-Deflect reduces total damage received, can only work if player has 20+ defense (check !status) greatly scales with shielding (if player has 50+ def decrease even more received damage with deflect)

-Enchanted weapons (ice, fire, energy and terra) have special perks, like healing, mana recover, aoe and damage)

-Enchanted arrows have dots damage

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