Lunaria Online: SERVER STARTED!

Server Information

Here you will find all basic information about Lunaria Online

Experience rate (up to 10x with exp mods) Skills rate Magic rate Loot rate
2.5 4 3 1

About the server

Connection information
Client Custom client with new outfits, armors, weapons and creatures
Map Custom map with 10+ new cities and capturable territories
Vocations 8 vocations (with second promotion promotion) 4 of them are classic (reworked) and the other 4 are totally unique classes

PvP Information

There are different types of pvp activities just like the following:

PRO TIP: If you want to try red skull zones or faction wars, you should equip cheap items that you can lose without breaking your economy (learning curve).

Battle-arena No exp/item lose on death, gain event tokens if participate, instant level 80, lack of pve content, access at north-veldin (trade of blades)
Outlaw zones Green skull area, no items drop on death, experience lose on death, 25%+ experience rate (recommended level 15+)
War zones Red skull area, full items/loot drop on death, experience lose on death, 50%+ experience rate (recommended level 35+)
Territory War Can be found both on outlaw or war zones, small cities with special features (like great farming grounds, mailbox, npcs, training areas, spawns and more), most of territories are close to important spawns.

You may have a guild in order to participate

Factions War Red skull marked, full items/loot drop on death, experience lose on death, gain faction points on kill (tradeables), 25%+ experience rate (50%+ if player gets 1,000,000+ faction points), experience gain on kill enemy factions (HARDCORE-PVP).

You may talk to a Warlord at cities-at-war to join (recommended level 25+)

Necropolis Red skull city, full items/loot drop on death, experience lose on death, 30% stronger creatures (3x HP), 300%+ experperience rate, seal stones (tradeables) gain on kill players/creatures (HARDCORE-PvPvE).

You may find the entrance located at every continent (recommended level 25+)

Hotkey aimbot Yes
Protection level 1
Kills to red skull 3000
Kills to black skull 3000
Remove rune charges Yes
Experience by killing players No
White skull duration 15 minutes
Protection zone lock (non lethal attack) 20 seconds
Stair jump exhaust 2 seconds
Other information
Free premium No
House rent period monthly
House SQM price 500 gp
AFK kickout 1666 days, 16 hours
One player online per account Yes
Max players online server limit 100
Allow outfit change Yes
Lost ACC Number or Password?
Players: 1
Accounts: 214
Characters: 289
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