Lunaria Online: SERVER STARTED!

Premium features.

1-. Travel by boat to new cities.

2-. Does not pay Novalis (rook) train ticket to mainland.

3-. More autoloot slots.

4-. Receive 25% more experience from monsters.

5-. Found a guild.

6-. Buy house.

7-. Wear addons.

8-. Faster stamina regeneration (at bars).

9-. Offline-trainers (housing).

9-. Personal crafting (housing).

10-. Capture territories (entire towns for your guild).

10-. 50% more faction points.

10-. 50% more crafting/skilling experience.

Ways to get premium:

A) You can obtain premium collecting 30 online points (30 hours online, can be afk skilling)
D) Inviting a friend via !mentor command
C) Paying 300k of gold coins in-game (3 days) with !premium command
D) Donating via paypal at web shop
E) Any team or guild that joins the server will receive a guild pack with a 7 days premium trial (via discord)
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