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01 September 2020 (15:44) -
Added missing spawn at necropolis library (ladders) Fixed s...
01 September 2020 (15:44) -
fixed morph spells for druid fixed map issues with warzon...
01 September 2020 (15:44) -
fixed highscores on webpage fixed some buff spells that s...
01 September 2020 (15:43) -
Added fist skill to marksman gloves reduced wolf tooth chai...
01 September 2020 (15:43) -
fixed plate helmet sprite (need to update client on launcher...

  24 Sep 2020 - Faction wars.


-Where do i join a faction?

There are several factions you can join and leave when you want, but you must complete a quest first in order to be able to get citizenship of that faction, (check website game map to see faction cities)

-What do i get if i join a faction?

Extra 50% experience (twice if player has reached 1,000,000+ total earned faction points) You may trade faction points for wares and high-end gear

-How do i gain faction points?

By killing creatures or enemy faction players while factioned

posted by Nelson

  24 Sep 2020 - Hellforge

New raid content: Hellforge.


-Suitable for level 100+

-New creatures

-Unique boss loot for all classes (NO SPOILER)

-New Quest (NO SPOILER)

-Great map with big spawns

You must complete the Stonefalls quest (Dwarf King) first to enter here, entrance its found at mines (big void portal)

posted by Nelson

  24 Sep 2020 - Aenwind.

New update: Aenwind.


Content updates:

-New raid (level 150+)

-New dungeons (for mostly all levels till 200+)

-New ice city.

-New creatures

-New quests

-Catacombs of Devotion now open.

--This catacomb have double spawn feature, this means every time you
kill one creature, another one will instantly spawn randomly on the
map (higher chance at the center of map)

--If you clean entire dungeon, you will complete double spawn

posted by Nelson

  01 Sep 2020 - Experience Books

These book will be obtainable when you reach level 50 and can be used only on players level below 25 to get +100% extra experience until you reach level 25 (ideal for alt characters)

Once you reach level 100 you will get another exp book, but this one will be boosted to 125%+ exp until level 50.

Basically, the clauses will be:
You reach | You get:
-Level 50 -> level 25 book with 100% extra rate
-Level 100 -> level 50 book, 125% exp
-Level 150 -> level 75 book, 150% exp
-Level 200 -> level 100 book, 175% exp
-Level 250 -> level 125 book, 200% exp
-Level 300 -> level 150 book, 225% exp

Only one experience book can be used at a time


posted by Nelson

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