Lunaria Online: SERVER STARTED!

Game map.


Neutral cities: blue outline cities, you can go factioned without being attacked by guards
Novalis Starter zone with plenty of activities that help players with the learning curve
Aridia Low level zones with low risk (recommended level 8-30)
Veldin Capital of Lunaria, great treasures and spawns (for all levels)
Necropolis Evil city with 3x+ exp rate full war zone and capital of the undeads (level 20+ HARDCORE)
Cethrealia Wild city hidden in the forgotten lands, recommended for level 80+
Aenwind Frostlands with big spawns, warzone recommended for level 25+


Faction cities: red outline cities, you will be attacked by enemy faction guards if you are factioned
Vrokura Minotaur faction, plenty of leveling zones (most of them level 50+)
Gaalnoris Elven kingdom, great leveling zones like cyclopolis, orc fortress, heroes, giant spider (recommended level 25+)
Stonefalls Dwarven empire, small (but very charged) spawns, perfect for gold farming (recommended level 30+)
Okane Lizard fortress, medium spawns (mostly open-world) (recommended for levels 45+)
Champa Goblin's haven, best place for low levels accesable trought southern part of Aridia (recommended level 15+)
Bah'luran Fiery Wastelands Sanctuary, desert area from Veldin's western place, full of bandits, travelers and merchants, land of the prosperity, medium spawns (recommended for level 35+ HARDCORE)
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