Lunaria Online: SERVER STARTED!


01 September 2020 (15:44)
Added missing spawn at necropolis library (ladders) Fixed some quest issues Fixed soul issue from gathering added buyable soul orbs and coconut at food store in necropolis added effects to dark armor and dark helmet (extra death protection)
01 September 2020 (15:44)
fixed morph spells for druid fixed map issues with warzone/outlaw zone reworked fist weapons damage xyank now sells 2 more katars fixed trap spell (hunters only spell) added 2 new spells for druid (Adrenaline Rush (level 35) and Earthshake (level
01 September 2020 (15:44)
fixed highscores on webpage fixed some buff spells that say "not enough skill" when used fixed issue with trash equip´now it has less than 5% to trash equip (math random 1,1000 roll for each equip peice, if a piece get a roll under 5
01 September 2020 (15:43)
Added fist skill to marksman gloves reduced wolf tooth chain skills from 4 to 2 and added distance and fist bonus skill Dodge evasion now gives 65% extra speed for 1 second New summoning spells for snipers
01 September 2020 (15:43)
fixed plate helmet sprite (need to update client on launcher) removed old djinn shop added lootbox at fiery wastelands djinn tower (gives +30% profit) Players can now see monsters hp by looking
01 September 2020 (15:38)
fixed utito tempo (blood rage) spell now work properly fixed Necropolis (now working 10k quest)
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